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BEIJING, China, May 21, 2019 - ( Media OutReach ) - Elatos is the first blockchain-driven smart web with security and trust. It was created by the founder Rong Chen, the co-founder Feng Han as well as Bitman cofounder Jihan Wu and NEO founder Hongfei Da. The project of Elastos has been established for 20 years and has received nearly 200 million investments from Foxconn. Comparing to other blockchain projects, Elastos has strong technical advantages on all its infrastructures that include Elastos Blockchain, Elastos Carrier, Elastos Runtime, and Elastos Services.

So far Elastos mainnet has been upgraded and its consensus mode is AUXPoW+DPoS. After the joint mining is officially opened to the entire network, Elastos mainet has been successively connected with the top ten mining pools with biggest hash power in the world, including BTC.com, BTC.TOP, ViaBTC, F2Pool fish pond, Huobi.pool, etc. The current hash power has reached 43% of the whole network, and Elastos becomes the second largest project after BTC in terms of hash power.

In addition, the Elastos DPoS Supernode campaign is also underway. So far there are nearly 100 participating nodes from more than 20 countries across Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, etc. The participating nodes are blockchain enthusiasts, ecological partners, major mining pools or investment institutions, etc. They will participate in the construction for ecosystem and community in terms of technology, professionals, users and funds, and also provide a solid backing for the prosperity of the Elastos ecosystem and the massive outbreak of the apps commercialization. In this way, we work together to accomplish the mission of the Elastos smart web.

telegram: https://t.me/ElastosJapan
twitter: https://twitter.com/Elastos_org

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  • かねさ減塩味噌仕立ての焼おにぎり。(画像:ローソン発表資料より)
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